It’s a good day to not be assigned to a customer… Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview Build  9926!

I took a moment to download all 4 ISO files (Professional and Enterprise, 32 and 64 bit), inventoried the ISOs to help keep track of them, and deployed one in my ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 Hyper-V lab.  Here are some interesting first impressions.

ConfigMgr client install

CCMSetup.exe shows the computer is domain joined and X64.  Nothing unexpected there.  But notice the operating system “ ‘Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview’ (10.0.9926). Service Pack (0.0). SuiteMask = 272. Product Type = 18.”


Interesting.  Let’s back up a minute and see what Windows says.

Windows version

Command Prompt shows “Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.9926]”

About Windows (WinVer) shows “Version 10.0 (Build 9926)”


Let’s explore what WMI has to say about the OS

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Manufacturer            : Microsoft Corporation
Caption                 : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview
Version                 : 10.0.9926
BuildNumber             : 9926
OperatingSystemSKU      : 48
OSArchitecture          : 64-bit
OSLanguage              : 1033
OSProductSuite          : 256
OSType                  : 18
ProductType             : 1
ServicePackMajorVersion : 0
ServicePackMinorVersion : 0
SuiteMask               : 272

Back to ConfigMgr

OK, CCMSetup completed successfully and everything looks good.



Now this is odd… ClientIDManagerStartup.log shows “OS Version: 6.2”.  I thought it was 10.0.9926.


Just to compare

  • Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860 shows 6.2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 shows 6.2
  • Windows 8.1 Update 2 shows 6.2
  • Windows 7 SP1 shows 6.1

At least there is some consistency, but where in the world is ConfigMgr pulling that from!

ConfigMgr Console

Let’s flip over to our ConfigMgr console.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the 9860 build and the 9926 build from a device object property perspective.

Build 9860 shows the operating system as “Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 6.4”

Build 9926 shows the operating system as “Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 10.0”


And here is a side-by-side comparison of the operating system data from Hardware Inventory as shown in Resource Explorer.

Build 9860 shows a Caption of “Microsoft Windows Technical Preview” and a version of “6.4.9860”

Build 9926 shows a Caption of “Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview” and a version of “10.0.9926”



With Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926, Microsoft has definitely changed directions with the version and left behind the 6.x series.

From a ConfigMgr perspective, the client is successfully installing, getting machine policies, running hardware and software inventory, running Software Update scans, and Compliance Setting scans.  Everything looks good… now for some OS Deployment.


Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 and ConfigMgr
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