Who am I?

Christian, husband, father, computer geek

What I do for a living

Since 1996, I’ve supported enterprise desktop environments as a desktop tech, desktop tech lead, software packager, SMS/SCCM/ConfigMgr admin, and custom solution provider.  I spent 10 years as a technical expert managing a Fortune 50’s desktop environment, then more than 6 years as lead for a large IT outsourcer’s US operations supporting multiple customer’s ConfigMgr environments.  In 2014 I jumped into the consulting world and now spend most of my time working with a new customer about every month.

I support ConfigMgr/SCCM / SMS, and related technologies (logon scripts, GPOs, MSI, CMDB, DSL/DML) and tools (MS SQL) for managing enterprise desktop systems. This includes packaging software (MSI/AU3), and architecting/developing custom solutions for asset and systems management.

I focus heavily on automation and repeatability, never liking to do a manual task twice. I enjoy scripting in PowerShell, AutoIt, VBS, ASP, and KiXtart utilizing COM objects, WMI, and SQL. I’m known as a librarian, automation specialist, and for constantly making anything I see “better.”

What I do for fun