A frustration I’ve had in using SCCM 2012 was that when an object (collection, software update, package, application, etc.) is moved into a folder, you can’t search for the object without first navigating to the folder.

After watching a MMS 2013 presentation, it was mentioned that there is an option to search subfolders.

SCCM 2012 console subfolder searching
SCCM 2012 console subfolder searching

Here are the steps:

  • click in the Search field
  • On the Search tab of the ribbon, enable “All Subfolders”.  Notice that a new search criteria named “Path” is added but is not available from the list of criteria.
  • Enter the search criteria.

I validated this on Collections and Software Updates.

Thank you Anonymous Joe who mentioned this as a follow-up to the MMS session!




SCCM 2012 console subfolder searching
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