Jörgen Nilsson  wrote a great article at  http://ccmexec.com/2012/05/running-configuration-manager-2012-remote-control-standalone about how to run the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Remote Control Viewer without installing the Admin Console.

Here is the nuts and bolts:

From the directory where the AdminConsole is installed, copy CmRcViewer.exe, RdpCoreSccm.dll, and 00000409\CmRcViewerRes.dll to some other accessible folder or file share.


Copy the whole directory with these files present to the computer you want to run Remote Control from, and simply launch the CmRcViewer.exe

In the comments, Luis Baños offered this:

to audit create the following registry entry:

For 32-bit

"Server"="Site Server Name"

For 64-bit

"Server"="Site Server Name"


– Specifies the name of the site server to which you want to send status messages that are related to the remote control session


I’ve gone just a bit further and added the files to a file share on my SCCM Primary site server (aliased by a DFS share), granted only the SCCM Admins and Remote Control users permissions, plus added SCCM Remote Control tools for SCCM 2007 (for mixed environments) and some batch files to pretty it up a bit.




Running Configuration Manager 2012 Remote Control without the Admin Console
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