The synopsis: Using Windows 10/8.1 Enterprise media, Windows Pro can be upgraded to Enterprise edition while keeping installed apps, personal files, and settings.

The story: I ran into an interesting scenario where I needed to run Windows 8.1 Enterprise.  Pro just wouldn’t cut it because of the lack of support for BranchCache, DirectAccess, etc.  Keep in mind that I’m specifically referring to a technical solution and NOT a licensing solution to this challenge.  A valid license is still required.  After digging around the web I found 3 primary resources for the conversion or upgrade.

Change Windows 8 Pro to Enterprise

The TechNet forum thread ( goes though a transformation part way down as new information became available.  There is also confusion by focusing on by licensing and technical aspects.  For the moment, ignore the thread.  After reading this post to the end, come back to the forum thread and re-read it with more/updated facts in mind.

Change the Windows Image to a Higher Edition Using DISM

The TechNet article ( applies to Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2.

Using the command below you can see what Editions of Windows the running computer can upgrade to.  You can then, theoretically, use another command to change the Edition.

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Upgrade Windows 10/8.1/8 Pro to Enterprise edition
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