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CEN – Central Site
PRI – Child Primary Site
SEC – Secondary Site

Here is the procedure how to remove PRI SCCM Child Primary Site from its CEN SCCM Parent Site.

  1. from CEN Central Site via SCCM console
    1. delete PRI child site address
  2. from CEN Central Server execute Preinst.exe which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386\00000409 folder
    1. Preinst.exe /dump -> shows SCCM sites in SCCM Parent Central Site. The target is to remove PRI Child Primary Site.
    2. Preinst.exe /deljob PRI-> Delete jobs for PRI site
    3. Preinst.exe /delSITE PRI CEN -> Delete PRI site
    4. Preinst.exe /deljob PRI -> Execute again to delete any job in meantime
    5. Preinst.exe /dump -> Executing again shows that PRI Child Primary Site has been removed from SCCM Parent site.
  3. from PRI Primary Site via SCCM console remove settings from Report to parent site to Central site

Finally you can see that all locked out items have been removed. All Software deployments packages, Advertisements, OS deployment packages, and Task Sequences have been inherited form SCCM Parent site into SCCM Child Site and can be modified.

Remove SCCM 2007 Child Primary Site
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