A recent customer wanted an automated SSRS Report Email Subscription anytime a new deployment was created.  I’d been pondering how do accomplish that for some time, but finally got a catalyst and a bit of time.

I found a PowerShell script by George Walkey to get started with which is hosted on his GitHub repo at https://github.com/gwalkey/SSRS_Subscriptions/blob/master/New-SSRS_Subscription.ps1.  The script needs to be tweaked a bit to accept all of the required parameters for the various deployments (Application, Package/Program, Task Sequence, Software Update Group, Compliance Baseline), but the core functionality is there.

After tweaking the script I created a ConfigMgr Status Filter Rule to run the script with the right parameters.  The script runs; however, it throws an error

Exception: Exception calling “CreateSubscription” with “6” argument(s): “System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: The DefaultValue expression for the report parameter ‘UserTokenSIDs’ contains an error: Server names cannot contain a space character.

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ConfigMgr Status Filter Rule with alternate credentials
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